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Paranormal book review: 'Dead and Buried' by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

'Dead & Buried' book cover

Dead and Buried


I haven't seen the movie "Dead and Buried," but I read the novelization of the movie that was written by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Found the book at the thrift shop and as a fan of Yarbro's work and all things horror bought the book. It was not a disappointment. Probably one of the most chilling novels, I've read in a long time.

Basically a small town that was once quiet, are getting visitors that are found gruesomely murdered. So after bodies are piling up, it's up to the Sheriff Dan Gillis to solve these bizarre murders.

The story basically starts off with a gruesome murder of a visiting photographer and it doesn't end from there. The weird thing about these murders, there is a very supernatural aspect to them.

Dan Gillis was a likable character, maybe the only one really. The book showed a small town with its quirks and some of the characters, seemed weird, while harmless. There is something, dark about the town and that's for the reader to find out.

The book is an entertaining read and it's very a nostalgic. A leisure read and it worked perfectly for a little horror and escapism read.

From not watching the movie that came out in the 80s, the ending was shocking to me. "Dead and Buried" is a pretty quick read, roughly around 300 pages and it's fast pace.

The book a whole is just very strange and kind of sick. Your imagination will be taken on a wild ride. It's quite one of the weirdest and craziest mystery books written. I've read online some reviews, and they said that the novelization was a lot better than the movie.

Though from reading the book, will have to check out the movie. Would have to give this book 5 stars and will have to review the movie some time this week.

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