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'Paranormal Activity: The Marked' same plot different city

Paranormal Activity: The Marked


"Paranormal Activity: The Marked" is not actually called a sequel by filmmakers. It is considered 'spin-off' from the first three films. Whatever it is, it isn't a great movie.

The official poster is better than tha film, almost.
Paramount Pictures

The setting for "PA: The Marked," moves from the San Diego area to the Oxnard area of Southern California. San Diego is an upscale neighborhood, while Oxnard more middle class to lower middle class in areas.

This isn't a 'found film' as the first few films are, but it does include a kid with a camera and ... what for it ... paranormal activity.

Jesse (Andrew Jacobs), his friends Hector (Jorge Diaz) and Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh) have graduated high school and are at a crossroad in their lives. They spend the summer clowning around, having their last bit of fun before adulthood sets in. Unfortunately, paranormal activity sets in first.

Jesse's downstairs neighbor is strange to say the least and the group of friends do some investigating after their classes valedictorian, Oscar kills himself after rushing out of the apartment of the now dead Anna.

Soon Jesse and Hector start investigating the apartment, eventually pulling in Marisol.

As in all of the other films, everything that happens gets onto the video camera. As in all the other films, unsuspecting people are terrorized by paranormal entities and in all the films Katie Featherston makes an appearance. Katie is the only person who has appeared in all four films.

"PA:TM" isn't a total waste. There are a few great visuals, but a film can't survive on a few good scenes. Last weekend's box office tells that tale.

The best part of the film are the three main actors. Andrew, Jorge and Gabrielle make a good team and each one is talented. I'd love to see more work from each of them.

If you've seen all the other films being offered on screen, then go rent something or watch a VOD/MOD film.

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