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Paradise Bakery and Café

The Cafe
The Cafe

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Are you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If you feel like having oatmeal or a bagel, a sandwich or soup, a cookie or carrot cake, an espresso or a fruit smoothie; you can get it all at Paradise Bakery and Café. Paradise Bakery is a chain café with locations around the United States. Luckily there are multiple locations scattered throughout Phoenix.

Stop by for lunch and choose a "pick 2" of your choice. You can choose soup or sandwiches ranging from Frontega Chicken sandwich on Focaccia; to a Club sandwich on a Croissant. Or pick a salad with lettuce, fruit, or pasta.

For breakfast they have a variety of breakfast sandwiches on homemade breads. Another option is a signature omelet or a breakfast hot plate. For the lighter side choose from oatmeal, yogurt, fruit cups or a smoothie. Don't miss out on their baked goods such as muffins, bagels, cinnamon rolls and croissants.

Do not forget to buy one of their signature chocolate chip cookies (always buy one get one free) or free with the purchase of a sandwich. Some other sinful goodies to try include scones, brownies, cupcakes, and coffee cake.

Paradise it is when it comes to fresh homemade quality food. Dine in with friends for good conversation, stop by on your lunch break and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi, or call in an order to be picked up and they will have it ready when you arrive.

Menus vary by location

Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-9pm; Sun 7am-8pm
Breakfast Served: Mon-Fri 7-10am; Sat & Sun 7-11am
Free Wi-Fi available