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'Paper Moon (1973)' Movie Review: The con

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Paper Moon


It's the 1930's and young Addie Loggins (Tatum O'Neil)has lost her mother. A young man in a nice suit is at the funeral but no one seems to recognize him. He looks a bit like the little girl and with the dearly departed being as promiscuous as she was ,who knows. Some at the funeral ask the gentleman his name, he replies Moses Pray (Ryan O"Neal). Now Moses is a con man and what he does is usually find people who die and then try to sell the survivors Bibles with their names on them. Make the people think that they were ordered earlier by the deceased.

The women talk Moses into taking the young girl down to her Aunt's in Missouri. At first he is not to thrilled and then he thinks he might get something out of it. He is able to con a man into thinking that Addie may be his daughter. He gets two hundred dollars out of him and is now able to buy a car.

Addie, who is no slouch, is able to eventually figure out Moses' con and wants in. Moses is doubtful at first but in the end sees that their is profit to be made.

Now things are going alright and the pair stop off at a traveling carnival. Moses picks up a girl by the name of Trixie Delights (Madeline Kahn). Addie is fit to be tied and pissed off. She and Trixie finally have it out and Addie is made to feel a little better, but when all her money is taken in favor of Trixie it becomes the last straw. Addie is going to frame Trixie. It's simple Trixie loves men so Addie has Moses catch her in bed with another man.

The two head on out and start to travel the road to get Addie to her Aunt's. Problem is Moses is getting to like Addie hanging around. Will she ever make it to her Aunt's? Tune in and find out. This is one of the better movies of the 1970's.

Director Peter Bogdanovich brings together this tale of the depression poor and the traveling con man into one very interesting adventure. It is one of his finest. The O'Neil father/daughter team is one of the best to ever hit the screen. So please sit back and enjoy.