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'Panorama Argentino' is Mirian Conti's acknowlegement of Argentine composers

Steinway & Sons releases Mirian Conti's  'Panorama Argentino' January 28, 2014
Steinway & Sons releases Mirian Conti's 'Panorama Argentino' January 28, 2014
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Pianist Mirian Conti's new Steinway & Sons album


Pianist/educator Mirian Conti establishes a rich panorama of Argentine’s lesser-known composers on her new album titled Panorama Argentino. The 71-minute disc, which is one to savor, is the second in Conti’s The Piano Music of Argentina series for the Steinway & Sons recording label. The recording was inspired by the traditional dances and folk music of Argentina and the folkloric aspects are present in almost all of the composers except for the composers of Tango, which alone is the form that belongs to the city of Buenos Aires.

Ms. Conti’s program and her impeccable musicianship is the consummate acknowledgement of the works of such notable composers as Cayetano Troiani, Carlos Guastavino and Julian Aquirre. Her excellent performance of Troiani's absolutely charming three part suite “Motivos de la Sierra y la Llanura” incites you, dear listener to play it more than once. Later in the program, Ms. Conti's pianism explores the unrelenting lyricism beauty, solace, and vigorously romantic spirit that Carlos Gustavino imbued in his “Sonatina for Piano in G Minor.” It is - in a word - breathtaking.

While the magnitude and depth of Julian Aguirre, the father of Argentine nationalist music, is well-known, Ms. Conti’s powerful yet refined performances of the five Tristes written for his “Aires Nacionales Argentinos” combines his elegant writing with her technical brilliance, originality and emotional sinew. all the while, the sounds emanating from this priceless recording, sound effortless. However, any reverent listener of Argentine classical piano music knows that Ms. Conti's years of training and teaching have prepared her for the masterful performances heard here throughout this recording.

Ms. Conti’s playing is impulsive, colorful and precise and is the perfect example of the varied and plentiful musical landscape and rich culture that permeates her homeland. For more information about Marian Conti and her repertoire of piano music on the Steinway & Sons recording label, please visit To purchase Panorama Argentino, please click here.