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Pamuya Healing Sanctuary opens Sunday for yoga teachers,therapists and healers

Pamuya Healing Sanctuary


The Pamuya Healing Sanctuary is having an open house this Sunday, June 1st in Miami for yoga teachers, therapists, and healing arts workers. You are invited to share in this slice of paradise right in the heart of our beautiful city. The sanctuary is the result of several years of dedication and a vision to create a sacred space for healing. Stephanie Gautier created this space with her own hands and a very creative mind. The results are relaxing and invigorating, an indoor and outdoor space that is peacefully inviting. On a recent visit to Pamuya Healing Sanctuary I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie and Michelle Leavy and they are focused on their healing vision. Michelle is a yoga teacher/Thai massage/singing bowl therapist who also practices other healing art modalities like reflexology, tunia and Ayurveda massage, etc. Stephanie and Michelle are kind, gentle spirits and amazing spiritual teachers who have ascended from corporate careers and answered a higher calling. They agree that "all the different spiritual teachings are tools to help us be in communion with our essence". Namaste.

Pamuya Healing Sanctuary
Pamuya Healing Sanctuary Pamuya Healing Sanctuary

The Pamuya Healing Sanctuary provides a serene backdrop for healing the mind body and spirit. The indoor and outdoor treatment rooms are available for licensed practitioners and you can even rent the entire facility as needed! The garden is tranquil with a salt water pool available for hydrotherapy use(there is even an outdoor shower). Pamuya Healing Sanctuary a great space for workshops, classes and private sessions. There are even plans for overnight accommodations. If you want to get away from it all in a nurturing healing environment Pamuya Healing Sanctuary is the place!

Here are the details from the invite for this Sunday, June 1, 2014:

Join us at the Sanctuary for a beautiful day of sharing healing arts therapies, stories, swimming, music, evening fire, yummy food and drinks. We are opening the space for people in the community to gather and share what we love! Here's our program for the day (with a lot of spontaneous music in the mix):

3:30-4:45pm traditional Hatha yoga class

5:00-5:30pm Tibetan singing bowl protection therapy (individual)

6-7pm Tibetan singing bowl meditation with fire prayer circle songs

7pm - Full Moon Singing Bowl Raffle

We are excited to share this tranquil space with other healing arts workers. Bring a bathing suit if you want to swim. The pool is waiting. Parking Logistics: There is a limited number of spots in the drive way. Otherwise, there's parking on NE 3rd Ave (side street) and there's church on the corner of NE 87th and 3rd Ave (1/2 a block away). Contacts: Stephanie Gautier Michelle Leavy With our teachers' blessing. Stephanie and Michelle

For more information call (305)401-3224. Click HERE to RSVP for this event on Sunday.