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PaintNite: Five Star Fun!

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If you haven’t heard of the latest craze, you will. In fact, you might soon find yourself sitting in front of an easel with a blank canvas, paints, and a cocktail having a grand time at PaintNite!

With parties all around the tri-state area, PaintNite has effectively spread the artistic word. Events are two hours of creative expression with hands-on help from an experienced artist. S/he will demonstrate each step as you follow along, sipping cocktails, producing a one-of-a-kind work of art. Even those with less than artistic abilities are able to paint a near facsimile of the original. Search the site based on date, venue, artist, and painting you’d like to create.

Plan a PaintNite for a large group of friends – celebrate a birthday, baby, or engagement. Book a PaintNite for your significant other as a change of pace from the same old same old. And for first dates, PaintNite is ideal – worse case, you’ll have a painting to take home!

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