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Painting Lounge NYC (REVIEW)

Paint Lounge NYC

2-hour Painting Class at Painting Lounge NYC


*Painting Lounge has two locations, one in the Flatiron District and the other in Brooklyn. This review is for a 2 hour class I took at the Manhattan location.

I would like to start off by being a complete party pooper: New York, we do not need alcohol for every occasion/event/class etc.!

I haven't painted in a little over a year and have been thinking about it a lot lately (I am not Picasso at all but, love it!). You can imagine how excited I was to get a 50% discount off for a class at Painting Lounge. A sign from the universe, maybe? I immediately signed up to recreate Graham Gerken's "Rainy Autumn Day" The spots seem to fill up very quickly, pure luck that I registered for the last spot. Their studio/classroom is full of color and paintings, there's enjoyable music softly in the background and it's a very warm space.

Each spot has an apron, brushes, water spray, canvas, paint and a small picture of what you will be creating. Get there early to not feel rushed and I would suggest sitting upfront if possible. You start off by tracing the basic shape of the painting on to your canvas. It was a little confusing to figure out when the lesson had actually started. Walking in (10mins early), a few people had already started tracing then, another group of people walked in later then, at some point the instructor (who was fantastic!) finally introduced himself. He really encouraged that we focus more on expressing ourselves rather than creating an exact replica of his work or the painting itself. You control the pace, a few times the instructor would stop to show us which colors to mix and where to paint however, you go at your own pace. Even with some painting history I found it a bit hard to 'keep up' but, at the end everyone walked out with their own beautiful masterpiece. There is also an option to purchase a frame at the end of the lesson.

This is not a painting lesson, it's a great 2 hours to be creative and relaxed.

A few cons:

- The brushes weren't amazing.

- Less students in a class would be great.

- A few people had already started drinking and though you cannot control what people do prior to the class, having a BYOB situation during class did not help the situation. The group kept drinking and it was a huge distraction, they were loud and obnoxious and kudos to the instructor who somehow, kept it together. I don't think it would've hurt if he'd tried to contain/control the situation a bit. The Brooklyn location does not have BYOB and I hope they never do.

- There is no instruction, it's more about expressing yourself, do not come in with the expectation to learn about the color wheel or brush strokes or techniques.

It would be fun to take another class absolutely! However, I don't think it's worth the full price, try Groupon.

Overall: 3.5/5

More pics: HERE

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