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Pagan Pathways Temple's first public class review

Pagan Pathways Temple Class on the Rede


Bright Blessings.

This Sunday, I attended the first public class for the faith based Pagan Pathways Temple, at Off the Beaten Path Books, located at 33314 Grand River Ave near Farmington Rd. The good folk at the Temple were well represented, and the positive energy filled the space with welcome. In eager anticipation of the lesson, the room was filled from wall to wall.

Many familiar faces from wide ranging parts of the Greater Detroit Pagan Community were excitedly mixing and beaming about the service. His sermon was then used to set the tone for the class to follow on the Rede. Being quite familiar with his workshops, the excitement with which people were reflecting upon his presentation was not unexpected.

Instructors Geralyn Mystic and Becki NoPants skillfully facilitated a class that had a brief introduction to the history of Wicca. This class, as the good Geralyn explained, would expand upon the day's earlier sermon. In this case, the lesson for the day was a reading and exploration of the Wiccan Rede. The Rede was read aloud, and then attendees were encouraged to reflect upon the meaning of the lines in their own lives.

It is important that the complete Wiccan Rede, as written by Doreen Valiente, was read aloud. This is a departure from the common, and some believe incomplete, practice of only addressing the first two lines. The adoption of the first two lines has been in practice since 1974 when the American council of Witches voted to adopt them as part of their Principles of Belief.

I found the presentation witty, insightful, and professional. Question and answer form was used, with proper explanation toward the subject matter as it was presented by the staff. The presenters were prepared with written documentation and had a clear lesson plan in place that supported what they were providing to the attendees.

For an actively engaging exercise, the class members were then encouraged to create their own personal redes on handouts provided. After this, Reverend Nashan returned to the forefront of the class. In an unexpected progression, he then had the class to swear to what they had written down as the principles that guided their lives and practices.

The class then was encouraged to return on the next service date, March 23rd, to continue the studies and attend services. A great moment of scheduling into personal calendars seemed to overtake the room. This is a sure sign of the impact of the day upon those present.

It looks as if the Pagan Community here in the Land of the Fresh Water Seas can expect to see great things from Pagan Pathways Temple for some time to come, if this was any indication. Be sure to watch for their internet show, Sacred Space, to come soon in April. Meanwhile, this could be a great time to review the Rede and its impact in your personal life as well.

It is important to know history and be able to relate it to one's self. If you do not know what you believe, how can you have a moral compass? It is through studying the Wiccan Rede that many find guidance. However, there are others who do not hold the same opinion that the Rede is a guidepost.

For another point of view, please take a gander at the video that is accompanying this article.

Blessed Be.

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