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Pack for your getaway with these summer-ready cosmetics

Dickinson’s towelettes, Elizabeth Arden highlighter, Freeman Beauty Psssst! dry shampoo, Colorescience Lip Shine, Glow-ology hand balm


It’s time for a summer getaway. We’ve endured a fierce winter, a pollen-heavy spring and lots of rain for a change of season so we’re itching to get away for some relief and quiet time. (Add moving into the mix and we are fairly raring to go.)

Take these cooling, Made-in-America beauty products with you on your getaway but also add them into your daily regimen because they are tried-and-true cosmetics, we think you'll like them.
Courtesy of Freeman

To help facilitate a good-looking us as jet-setters or experienced travelers or even beach-seeking bunnies we have put together a few cosmetic items we think would be most helpful for steamy, sandy, and quick beauty perfection. Grab your tote and take a look at these cosmetic helpers. (P.S., as an added bonus we can feel good that these are all Made in America!)

"Grab your tote..."

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel On-The-Go Refreshingly Clean Towelettes
I remember seeing Dickinson’s on my mother’s dresser as they have been making Witch hazel skin care since 1866. Something can’t be around this long unless they are safe, popular and hard-working. They are sealed towelettes and because they have witch hazel with botanical extracts, they clean and refresh. Keep a package when you go to the beach, on a hiking trip, while exercising, or just on the way home from the office. And they are inexpensive, Walgreens had a sale at $3.99 marked down from $6.79

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Cool Radiance Highlighter
Another company that’s been around forever and we love this new summer special. It’s in a cool little box with a nautical feel—red, white and blue with golden ropes decoration. The blue cylinder inside has more gold rope on it, it’s delightful (we like our cosmetics to have nice packaging as it makes the contents seem chic.) It’s actually called “First Mate”. It is a Limited Edition.

Inside is a pale pink cool highlighter. The creamy stick has a flattering pink with a bit of illuminated sheen—great for days when you feel washed out or want some night-time drama. Apply to the top of cheeks for a youthful glow. You can also put it on the brow bone or inside the Cupid’s bow on your upper lip. It runs about $28.50-$29.50 or as a bonus with other product purchases.

Freeman Beauty Psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo
This, too, has been around since 1976. I remember Psssst myself. The formula is great:

  • If you color your hair and don’t want to shampoo as frequently
  • If you work in a smoky environment
  • If you’ve had a day at the beach but don’t care to completely re-style your hair for a quick outing.

Toss into your getaway bag and you won’t believe how you ever got along without it.
Just shake, shake, shake, then spray it on. Life hair by sections to get at the roots. Wait a minute or two, massage it in and brush your hair. No water needed.
It runs approximately $5.79-5.99

Colorescience Lip Shine (in Sunforgettable Red Siren)
This is a water resistant sunscreen with an SPF 35; and it protects against UVA and UVB rays if you reapply it every 2 hours. It is a glaze that imparts a natural-type shine.

Definitely take it to the beach, to a tennis match, or anywhere you will be in the sun
Chemical and dye free our color is Siren. It costs about $25.

There you have your Getaway Bag with cosmetic products perfect for summer and beauty picks we think you’ll like for your summer trip, a weekend love match or exercise outing.

Glow-ology Smile.Wish.Believe. Hand Balm
I like the fact that this hand balm has natural alpha-hydroxy acids. Your hands need exfoliating as well as your face because they age tremendously and can often give away your age even if you care for your face and look more youthful.

This balm also soaked in very quickly and I worked it into my cuticles as well for a no-snag, no hangnail-type protection.

Key Ingredients: Shea butter, Sunflower oil, Salicylic acid, Bilberry, Sugar cane
Approx. $12,

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