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Pacific Cheesecake Company - A Sweet & Savory Surprise

Pacific Cheesecake Company owner Karen Freeman and son/partner Steven Freeman.
Pacific Cheesecake Company owner Karen Freeman and son/partner Steven Freeman.
Glendale News Press

Pacific Cheescake Company


If you blink - you're sure to pass it up.

Pacific Cheesecake Co.'s mini-cheescakes
Daily News

But nestled deep in the heart of Glendale, is a bakery like none other. It's the return of a true family owned and run business, that treats you, well, like family.

When I walked in Pacific Cheesecake Co., I was immediately greeted by owner Karen Freeman, and as I looked around, saw a handwritten menu up on a mini-whiteboard with the different flavors of the day, two ovens baking various cheesecakes, a tray of fresh mini-cheesecakes, refrigerators in the front being tended to by Karen, while her sons/business partners Mike and Steven Freeman tended to the ovens in the back.

I inquired to see if they had red velvet cupcakes and on cue, Karen took out of the refrigerator a sample platter with about 50 pieces of different cheesecakes, including their Red Velvet Cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Karen insisted that I sample not only the Red Velvet Cupcake, but the Red Velvet Chocolate Cheesecake as well. As much as I enjoy red velvet cupcakes, the cheesecake with red velvet put it up to a different level!

Karen suggested other types of mini-cheesecakes to try and if she didn't have a sample on the platter, she gladly cut a piece from the mini-cheesecakes she did have. Since they bake everything fresh, some of the samples she had were already sold out. I enjoyed every one I tried and you can't go wrong with any of the chocolate cheesecakes, but three of my favorite specialty ones were the Peanut Butter Banana with graham cracker crust, Pumpkin with graham cracker crust, and Red Velvet Chocolate with chocolate cheesecake in between the cupcake.

Not being a big fan of cheesecake, (because it's usually too sweet and dense, which is not appealing to my palette) I became a fan of Pacific Cheesecake Co. and their cheesecakes. I even enjoyed the White Chocolate Salted Caramel Creme (say that five times fast) and do not like white chocolate, caramel, or salted food! They took it to another level by creating cupcake sized portions, ($2.50 each or a dozen for $28) so you can try many different flavors, but if your particular to one, they come in 8" and 10" sizes as well.

Karen says they are not limited to the flavors on hand, but can create ANY cheesecake, with the wildest request to date being a Bacon Whiskey Chocolate Cheesecake, which she said the customers loved. She credits her grandmother with teaching her how to make cheesecake and she experimented with different recipes before she opened up PCC in April of 2011. They use the finest ingredients including Belgian and Swiss Chocolates, real butter, creme, and make their own custards, curds, caramel, fudge, brownies, and more. They can make their cheesecakes sweet, or with no sugar and also have a savory line that would be eaten with crackers or bread as an appetizer.

To go to Pacific Cheesecake Company's website including a menu with over 100 different cheesecakes, you can click here. To check out their reviews on Yelp, you can click here.

They are located at 413. S. Brand Blvd. next to Glendale Hyundai and are open Mon.-Wed. 10-5, Thurs.-Sat. 11-7, and Sun. 12-5. You can reach them at 818.518.0709.


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