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P!nk The Truth About Love


P!NK wowed her adoring fans with a truly mind-blowing performance at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland this past Saturday night. The entire evening was characterized by phenomenal artistry that reached well beyond the realm of acoustic excellence. With incredible gravity-defying acrobatics, blindingly intricate choreography and staging, and otherworldly lighting and imagery designed to complement the undeniably genius musicianship; the full set of closing credits that filled the screens at the end of the night were well deserved.

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The Truth About Love Tour took its audience through the full gamut of emotion and passion that its name suggests. With many a sexual undertone, the raw fervor of love and desire was expressed in such songs as “Raise Your Glass” and “Walk of Shame.” The depth of emotion, pain and intimacy associated with love and heartache was explored with “Try”, an impassioned cover of Chris Isaak's “Wicked Games,” and “Just Give Me A Reason.”

Throughout the entire performance it was clear that P!NK was truly enjoying her time on stage. She flipped and twirled through the air and danced across the stage, singing with grit and power through it all. But she also stripped the music down to an acoustic guitar and her voice on “Who Knew.” She put her newly developed skills to use on the Grand Piano as she delivered a classically beautiful rendition of “The Great Escape.” She kicked it back to her early days—characterized by a heavier R&B sound—in a montage of songs from her 2000 debut album, Can’t Take Me Home. And through it all, there was a genuine smile on her face and an authenticity to her banter with the audience when she spoke.

As she ended the night flipping through the air above the audience, suspended from the rafters by bungees that enabled her to reach virtually every corner of the arena, the smile could be seen in her eyes and reflected back in those of her fans. As she belted out “So What” from above their heads, everyone was right there with her: “So, so what? I’m still a rock star. I got my rock moves. And I don’t need you. And guess what. I’m having more fun…”