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Ozomatli: Showstoppers

Ozomatli Live in Concert


The Fox Theatre and the Rialto Theatre co-sponsored the long awaited appearance by the extremely popular Ozomatli March 14, 2014. Ozomatli was one of many bands that boycotted the state of Arizona in response to the passage of state law SB 1070 in 2009. The law was otherwise known as the immigration bill. As a result, Tucsonans have experienced a long dry spell without one of their favorite bands, Ozomatli.

Ozomatli were the pied pipers of Tucson.
©Mary F. Andrews

The band originates from Los Angeles and formed in the mid 1990’s. The Grammy winning band blends electo-cumbia, garage rock, reggae, hip-hop, mambo and everything in between to create their trademark sound. They are apt to flow between several styles of music during the course of the same song.

“Ozoheads” came out in droves and it was a raucous reunion indeed. It was apparent from the start of the set that the audience was as important part of the show as the band. Maybe that is a slight exaggeration. As soon as OZO hit the stage, everyone was out of his/her seat and never returned for the rest of the set.

They are touring to promote their new album, “Place In The Sun.” Four of the sixteen songs were from the new album. For a complete set list, click here.

Ozomatli closed the show by bringing drums and horns to the floor to keep the energy alive. They marched through the audience while they played and the show ended in the lobby. They stayed in the lobby to meet with fans until the last person was gone. Their energy resonated long after the show was over. The best news is that Ozomatli is back in Arizona.