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Ozeri 4x3 Runner Digital Walking and Jogging Pedometer

Ozeri offers a powerful and useful digital pedometer.
Ozeri offers a powerful and useful digital pedometer.

Ozeri Runner Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology and Dual Walking and Running Modes


Working from home as a writer can be a blessing and a hindrance when it comes to your fitness routine. Although I was aware I could be too sedentary at times due to the long hours in front of the computer, I did not realize how bad it was until I started using the Ozeri 4X3 Pedometer. I started using the pedometer to track how often (or not) I walked throughout the day. With many experts recommending at least 10,000 steps per day, I was shocked to see my steps were only a few thousand on really slow days. After seeing how inactive I was becoming, I decided to aim for the recommended number of steps per day. One of the useful features of the Ozeri pedometer is the ability to set a goal number of steps. I set the pedometer for 10,000 steps and made sure to get up and moving throughout the day. I was able to hit my target goal and even go beyond once I started tracking my movement. The pedometer will also give you a percentage of your goal to let you know how close you are to your target. The pedometer was very easy to use and was a great asset to my everyday life. Due to it's slim and light design, it was easy to clip to my clothes and wear throughout the day, even while working out. One of the features I loved was its accuracy in counting steps due to the 3D Smart sensor. I have had inexpensive pedometers before and any slight movement would count as a step, causing inaccurate counts. I was very pleased with the pedometer and will continue to use it on a regular basis.

4x3 runner Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

  • Features dual walking and running modes
  • Tracks progress towards daily exercise goals
  • New 3D Smart Sensor ensures total accuracy
  • Tracks steps, speed, distance, calories & fat burned
  • Clock & exercise timer
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Tri-axis technology works in any position
  • 30-Day memory

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