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OxyFresh, safe and effective mouthwash solution



With so many mouthwash brands on the shelves, it's hard to know which one is the right product for your needs. Although mouthwash and mouth-rinse solutions are generally viewed as an added extra, many of us feel the need to freshen our breath before we start our day.

These mouth rinsing solutions can be categorized into 3 categories. Some mouth rinse brands are formulated to achieve certain cosmetic results such as whitening or freshening the breath. Some others fight bacteria and have anti-bacterial ingredients in them. The third category contains Fluoride which functions as a protective agent to fight cavities.

Depending on your needs and what you are trying to achieve by using mouthwash, the type and/or concentration of certain ingredients will vary. It's always best to consult to your general dentist to find out the best solution for your teeth. However, it's very important to know that there are certain risks associated with the use of some mouth rinses currently sold in stores. The main source of risk lies in high levels of alcohol as some of the mouthwash brands contain up to 25% alcohol.

The consumption risk by toddlers is a serious risk as many of these products come in appealing colors which could be easily mistaken with juice or fruit punch. The second risk is the increased risk of oral cancers associated with excessive use in adults. Mouthwash solutions have been around for years.

The type and amount of active and inactive ingredients used in formulating these products and their safety for regular use has been the topic of many debates and studies. While presence of alcohol in the mouth-rinse alone is not found to directly contribute to oral cancers, people with poor oral hygiene who have opted for excessive use of mouthwash to mask bad breath or the smell of cigarette are at the greatest risk of developing oral and throat cancers.

Obviously proper use of mouthwash along with good oral hygiene is the sure fire way to avoid any undesired complications. However, if use of mouthwash is going to be a long term plan and/or a daily routine, it is a good idea to pick a solution that contains safe and natural ingredients such as OxyFresh line of products.

These products are not only alcohol free but they also contain anti-bacterial and odor fighting ingredients as well as protective agents to protect the enamel and prevent gum disease. To learn more about the products and active ingredients visit their site.