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Oxy Clincical

Oxy Clinical


The teenaged years can be fraught with all sorts of issues. Acne shouldn't be one of them. We received a sample of Oxy Clinical and enlisted a 15-year-old reviewer to tell us what he thought. In his own words:

Being an athlete is part of most young people's lives. As an athlete myself, I know the fun and adventures that come with it. There are also some sacrifices that come with being an athlete. Acne usually accompanies athletics. Even kids who choose not to play sports get pimples and zits.

I was on a AAA hockey team that had us getting up four days a week at 5:30 A.M. for practice and weight training and running everyday after school. On the weekends we would travel to play games in such cities as Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis. Along with all this we had a heavy load of homework to take up almost all the spare time we had. This lifestyle kept constant stress and pressure to perform on and off the ice.

My skin has been pretty clear naturally. But as soon as the rigors of the season started this didn’t hold true. This is where Oxy Clinical came in. All of the items were easy to use and very fast which was adherent to my schedule. I noticed that zits were cleared up the next day. The Oxy Clinical clearing treatment, advanced face wash, and hydrating therapy exceeded my expectations. They worked just as fast or faster then promised.

I did notice that when I had it on and was sweating profusely that there was a little tingling sensation on my face. I don’t know if this was just the product blocking sweat or something else. One way to avoid that would be to not apply the product prior to a heavy workout. Overall Oxy Clinical is a great product for clearing acne quickly and efficiently. It works. Using Oxy Clinical meant there was one less thing I had to worry about: acne. I'd definitely recommend it to friends.

If you'l like to give Oxy Clinical a try, visit their website and click the icon for the sample.