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Over the top works for Paul Walker's, 'Brick Mansions'

Brick Mansions (film)


Expectations were not high for Brick Mansions. The preview alone was not captivating enough to get movie goers in the seats. Nevertheless, the movie was seen by moviegoers to bring in a moderate $400,000 opening night. The film was most likely seen for two reasons. The first being, this was the last complete film Paul Walker did before his untimely passing. Fast and the Furious 7 will be his last movie, but it was not completed before he died. The second reason, some flocked to movie theaters for this film was because of the the director Camille Delamarre, who has been associated with such fan hits as Colombiana, Taken 2, and Transporter 3.

Brick Mansions
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Brick Mansions is one of those films that is so ridiculous that it’s entertaining. Many would say the same for other Paul Walker films, such as the Fast and Furious franchise. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t expect for the audience to take it seriously either, despite its touchy subject matter. The topic is covered in a way that makes the film fun to watch without feeling guilty about it.

The opening sequence of the film is reminiscent of an over the top video game. From the opening credits, the film was set up to be a light-hearted action enjoyment. It is almost like a made-for-TV action movie that would be watched on movie nights with the family. Between the rehearsed choreographed stunts, the cheesy one liners, and the ridiculous staging of the villain (who for some reason was always cooking something during business meetings), this film keeps the audience’s attention just enough to be considered a good movie. Despite all the shenanigans, the main thing that keeps this film going is the chemistry between actors Paul Walker and David Belle.

Paul Walker is great. He has always had a way with comedic timing. The scenes he has with David Belle are hilarious. The fact that Belle is a certified, talented parkour doer makes what he does fantastic on screen. It also makes it very clear that Walker is not a certified, talented parkour doer in any way, which adds comedy to the film. The scene where Belle jumps from wall to wall and into a small opening near the ceiling, expecting Walker to follow is great. Walker comes plowing through the wall, stating, “different method, same results”. It’s a cheesy one liner, but its comedic greatness. The second scene that comes to mind is the fight between the “steroid guy”, Walker, and Belle. It is reminiscent of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law fighting the same giant man in Sherlock Holmes; amusing yet not completely necessary.

Between the comical one liners and the chemistry on set, I would recommend seeing this film, even if you wait for it to come on DVD or Netflix. Everything was blatantly over the top, which somehow worked for this film.