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Over the Edge, by Brandilyn Collins

"Grief. Anger. Hatred. The perfect ingredients for revenge."
"Grief. Anger. Hatred. The perfect ingredients for revenge."
By Brandilyn Collins

Over the Edge, a multi-faceted mystery by trademark “Seatbelt Suspense” author, Brandilyn Collins who never disappoints.


King 5 News, Seattle, WA: Why Doctors Don’t Agree How to Test, Treat Lyme disease, by Jean Enerson:


Over The Edge,by Brandilyn Collins, B&H Books, May 2011, 352 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1433671623, $14.99

“Feeling a little under the weather…Janessa...” mocked the low, gruff voice.

“How did—? Who is this?”

Janessa had pulled to the side of the road to answer her cell phone. She did feel weak, her muscles and joints ached and even her eyes hurt, had for weeks, but how did he know?

“How do you know…I’m feeling sick?”

“Because…I made you that way…with three infected ticks…” After a description of symptoms and an explanation of when he exposed her “…the voice from hell said… welcome to the Lyme wars Janessa.”

Thus begins Over the Edge, a multi-faceted mystery by trademark “Seatbelt Suspense” author, Brandilyn Collins who never disappoints. She masterfully wraps the truth about acute or Chronic Lyme Disease in a gripping tale of medical horror that includes complex characters, a true-to-life shocking plot and a relentless pace that gives nothing away and never lets up.

Janessa, stay-at-home wife and mother appears to have the perfect family. Her husband Dr. McNeil seems to be a loving husband, father and respected research professor at Stanford University’s Department of Medicine. However, readers learn “nothing is at it seems” in a thriller that spans six days in forty-eight captivating chapters.

Where Janessa learns she’s only a tool in the hands of a madman intent on fulfilling a deadly promise. Either she convinces her husband to renounce his stand on Chronic Lyme Disease or her daughter would be his next victim.

Collins puts a human face on Chronic Lyme Disease. She weaves facets of Lyme disease patients, their diagnosis and treatment into an intricate and compelling plot that educates, entertains and exposes the misdiagnosis and ineffective treatments offered by medical and insurance professionals who deny the disease.

In the notes segment that completes the book, Collins writes, “I haven’t just studied Lyme. I’ve lived it…” Look for her on FaceBook Twitter and her Lyme blog Over the Edge: Or listen totheYou Tube of Collins journey withLyme disease :

This is my first Collins book; however it won’t be my last! Her warm writing, true-to-life characterizations, compelling plot lines and taunt suspense has made me a fan!

The Seattle Christian Book Review Examiner:

The Washington Christian Book Review Examiner:


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