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Over 65,000 illegal undocumented students represented in No One Asked Me

'No One Asked Me' 65,000 illegal students tax payers educated in limbo.
'No One Asked Me' 65,000 illegal students tax payers educated in limbo.
No One Asked Me

No One Asked Me by Kate Ballen FringeNYC


Broadway Global shares one of those most thought provoking American plays of this century, No One Asked Me now playing FringeNYC. The play hits close to home as my partner Ron Hutchins' passion is teaching arts education. Ron has spent many of his 53 years choreographing students from public and private schools. Some of his students were or are "illegal immigrants". The sad part is this, we as tax payers are paying for their education, but once they graduate High School we give no options for these individuals to give back to society. They can't go to an American college, can't work in the United States legally, so what are they to do?

One of Ron's students now out of High School shares a similar journey as No One Asked me, "When I first graduated from high school, I felt so scared. I fell in this deep depression and this never ending feeling of being trapped in a bad dream. I watched my friends move on with their lives. The life I was supposed to be following. I was truly stuck. I was faced with the dilemma of "do I go back to the country that birthed me, even if I have no experience in its culture or do I stay in a country I know everything about yet can't belong" I wasn't allowed to EXIST anywhere. It was like being in limbo. Truly dark times. It all changed when Obama passed the deferred action which allowed thousands of kids like myself to work, drive and go to school. I remember I was about to move to Spain, join some of my cousins there and start a new life. I was a week away from purchasing a one way ticket when I looked up in my bed and asked God to give me a sign. To give me just ONE sign that I was making the right or wrong decision. Two days later, Obama announces the deferred action and I knew that I belonged here." Alvaro Sebastian D'Amico.

No One Asked Me shines light on some of the options that vary for each individual, depending on their original country, economics, or stability. Playwright Kate Ballen a High School Counselor has been working in the diversified New York City area of the Bronx. Ballen has captured the essence of a few of these horrific situations inspired by true stories. Many gifted students who we educated in American public schools are still illegal immigrants. They are fighting the broken American immigration system to show worth for acceptance as citizens.

"Based on true stories of undocumented New York City high school students, No One Asked Me illustrates the plight of thousands of “illegal” children across the United States. Over 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school in the U.S. each year. Brought to this country by their parents often at a very young age, these teenagers live hidden lives in constant fear of being deported from the only home they have ever known. Without papers, they are unable to apply for college financial aid or obtain legal employment. Faced with these barriers, these undocumented teenagers must make the difficult decision to struggle to achieve the American dream or turn to a life on the street.

Corneilus Franklin's powerful performance as African High School student educated in America is a FringeNYC highlight. Another standout is Octavia Chavez-Richmond playing an illegal Puerto Rican student, in America. Both of their looks are stunning. They both give honest and memorable performances in a play that is current and important to law makers today. If President Obama could educate our United States law makers with one play, No One Asked Me should be it! USA Theatre Chat.

No One Asked Me is written truthfully from Kate Ballen a Bronx educator, Directed with clear insight by Matt Newton, and Stage Managed by Justice Longshore. The incredible No One Asked Me cast includes: Corneilus Franklin, Octavia Chavez-Richmond, Ashlee Danielle, Jihan Viviann, Gary De Mattei, Alaina Fragoso, Jessica Kight, Terra Mackintosh and Veda Kumarjiguda. No One Asked Me is a Broadway Global and Theatre Chat must see!

Don't miss your last chance to see America's most important play of the century, No One Asked Me Sunday, August 17, 8:30 p.m. or Friday, August 22, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. Link to Tickets and website:!tickets/cb3i
Tickets are only ($18) For more information visit Now playing FringeNYC, Flamboyan Theatre located at Suffolk St, New York, New York.