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Outlast for the Playstation 4



Outlast has been out on the PC for quite some time now, but this past week, it was released on the Playstation 4. It is this months free game on the store if you are a Playstation Plus member. It is worth the download if you're looking for something different to enjoy. The game is a survival horror, thiller set in an insane asylum.

Outlast is about a journalist who gets a tip about Mount Massive insane asylum and the things that are going on there. Armed with just a video camera, you are to investigate what the company is hiding. In a sense of a typical horror game, this is something different and more somewhat of a realistic feel to it since there are no weapons available to defend yourself with. The environment is very crisp and clean for what can be seen since most of the time is spent in the dark. An interesting take on the game to see through the dark is to use nightvision on the camera. You all so need to find batteries to keep it charged. The game can be completed in one sitting, so it a very short game. If you are a trophy hunter, the trophies are pretty straight forward. Outlast offers four different difficulty settings and if you are up for a challenge, play the game on insane mode. On insane mode, there are no checkpoints and saves which means the game has to be completed in one sitting and you also can not die, otherwise, you will start at the beginning. unfortunately the game has some cons.

Again, the game is very short, but it is free (for Playstation Plus members) so really can not complain on that front. A major con is not being able to defend yourself, so the whole game is running and hiding from the enemy which can make for a boring playthrough. A minor issue is that there is no map, so some players may become lost, but there really is no need for a map.

Overall is a fun game to play and there are no issues unless you get to the end and die on insane. This game gets a 4 out of 5. If you are looking for a scare, download Outlast, turn out the lights, and have fun.