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Outdoor lenses designed to help see the fineprint in the sun

Dueleyewear SL2 Pro


Bifocal non-prescription sports lenses? Yes. has come up with a line of goggles, or wraparound glasses, suitable for bicycling, motorcycling and other mobile outdoor actvities. The bottom of the lenses include a magnifier. The advantage: It is supposed to make it easier to red a map, cellphone or anything else while outside without removing one's glasses when you need to see the fine print or read the cellphone screen in broad daylight.

We tried the SL2 Pro, the newest of the many models the company makes. The name is short for the Italian Super Leggero, or Super Light if translated into English. The product comes with a choice of smoke or brown lenses and they can be interchanged with clear or amber ones, depending on the amount of light when riding. The company says the lenses provide 100 percent protection from all the sun's rays. The lenses snap in and out and are made of polycarbonate.

Like any wide lenses, we found the SL2 Pro provides adequate wind protection. They block out the sun and are comfortable to wear without any adjustments. You even get a choice of three magnifying power lenses. The company offers a 100 percent 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The online price from the company is $49.95. If you want a pair of clear and amber lenses to go with it, it will cost another $19.95. The glasses are also available in bike shops around the country.

We tried them out for a month or so of bicycling, driving and other outdoor activities. In some cases, they helped for reading, such as for small print. But when reading something bigger, such as the print on a historical marker, vision was better on the part of the lens that does not magnify. The lenses can take some getting used to though and can be a bit dizzying or confusing to the sight at first. While getting up off the ground, for instance, you can see two sizes of things at once or things look bigger than they are. Watch for that.