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Outdoor Day in L.A. # 44-Paradise Falls in Wildwood Park

Paradise Falls in Wildwoord Park in the Canejo Valley


In my great outdoor day Welcoming Wildwood I shared on of the less-traveled trails in Wildwood Park in the Conejo Valley. I like to get away from the crowds so in my piece I took you to the Mesa Overlook at the top of Mt. Clef Ridge. However, Nick of Hikes You Can Do fame takes you on the more popular trail to the Paradise falls deep in the canyon carved by Wildwood Creek. Nick has generously allowed me to share his video that lets you tag along with him while he points out places you likely do not want to miss, like the Chumash Indian Cave and Skunk Hollow picnic areas.

Paradise Falls in Wildwood Park
Linda Ballou

Whether you take the more strenuous hike, or one of the family friendly walks in Wildwood, I strongly suggest a visit to the Chumash Museum nearby. Archeological evidence like shell beads, arrowheads, basketry fragments, and a variety of stone tools indicate that the Chumash Indians had villages here as long ago as 6000BC! If you want to view these artifacts and learn more about the highly the evolved indigenous people who lived here visit the charming Chumash Museum not far from Wildwood.

Chumash Museum 3290 Lang Ranch Parkway, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91362

Wildwood Park-Take Lynn Road off the 101 to Avenida De Los Arboles turn left and take it to the end, and park in lot.

Note: Because of the drought throughout California the flow of the waterfall is somewhat diminished.