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OUAT New York City Serenade: Recalling it all

Emma & Hook meet in New York.
Emma & Hook meet in New York.
Promotional photo courtesy of ABC/Jack Rowand

Once Upon A Time: New York City Serenade


Episode Cast:

Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard (Ginnifer Goodwin), Evil Queen/Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla), Prince Charming/David Nolan (Josh Dallas), Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Baelfire/Neal Cassidy (Michael Raymond-James), Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore), Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) Prince Phillip (Julian Morris), Princess Aurora (Sarah Bolger), Grumpy/Leroy (Lee Arenberg), Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), Robin Hood (Sean Maguire), Walsh (Christopher Gorham)

Once Upon A Time starring Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla airs Sunday at 8 p.m/7c.

It’ s been a long winter but a new episode of Once Upon A Time has finally arrived. We last left off in the fall finale with a new curse that sends the residents of Storybrooke back to Fairytale Land and Emma and Henry back to New York. Now, there’s a new threat that also has a penchant for green and she’s out for Regina’s blood. So let’s catch up with Emma Swan and the rest of the Fairytale Land crew.

Fairytale Land Past

Our tale begins one year ago with Snow White, Regina Mills, Prince Charming and the entire town of Storybrooke sans Emma and Henry returning to Storybrooke. Their arrival surprises Prince Philip and a pregnant Aurora, who are eating a picnic when the curse arrives.

The new arrivals begin reclaiming their former lives with Snow retaking her castle from Regina and allowing her to stay as a kind gesture and a symbol of stability to the kingdom. Regina responds by running away and literally burying her heart to avoid the pain of losing Henry. Snow convinces her to keep it and in the process, a flying monkey spots them and scratches Regina while whisking her off. Robin Hood appears in the knick of time and saves them both. Ahh, Regina’s love interest! Finally!

They arrive at the castle and find that it’s protected by spell (a green spell) that Regina didn’t cast. Clearly, it’s the Wicked Witch but they don’t know that yet. The flying monkey that scratched Regina gives the Wicked Witch a drop of her blood for a potion. Apparently Regina made her wicked in the first place and she’s out for revenge, pretty much like everyone has been for the past 3 seasons.

The Concrete Jungle - one year ago

Emma and Henry have quite the life in New York. She’s a successful bounty hunter, Henry is enrolled in school and Emma has a boyfriend named Walsh who proposes to her after 8 months of dating. (Side note: Henry is taller, his voice is deeper and he’s lost his cute baby fat in his cheeks. He’s all grown up and looking 14). Life is good so naturally Hook comes to ruin it all with the truth.

He tells her that her parents are in trouble and gives her an address to prove that he’s not lying. Never one to pass up a good lead, even from a man who she thinks is crazy, Emma visits the address. It’s Neal’s apartment. She finds a camera and strap with Henry’s name monogrammed on it and becomes even more intrigued.

Emma meets Hook in Central Park and he coaxes her to drink a potion to regain her memory. She reciprocates by handcuffing him to a bench and having him arrested. It’s not until she develops the pictures from the camera and sees photos of her and Henry in Storybrooke that she bails him out of jail. Fully convinced, she takes the potion and remembers everything.

Hook explains that a curse has been put on the castle and that everyone has been ripped back to Storybrooke. Emma knows what she must do but she still has one loose end to tie up before she can leave. She rejects Walsh’s proposal and he turns into a flying monkey. Think about that for a minute. She’s been making out and having sex with a flying monkey for 8 months. Eww! She kills the monkey by throwing him off a roof, which doesn’t make sense because he can fly, but it happened.

So Emma, her signature red leather jacket and Henry, who is still oblivious to his past, head to Storybrooke with Hook. She visits her parents’ apartment and learns that no one knows how they got there but they know that a year has passed because Mary Margaret is pregnant. Keep in mind that Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant with Josh Dallas’ baby in real life so this story is rather convenient and also totally adorable.

What does the Wicked Witch have planned for the Storybrookians? Who knows? Leave your thoughts below.

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