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Otterbox Reflex iPhone 4S review

One of the best cases money can buy.
One of the best cases money can buy.

Otterbox Reflex iPhone 4S case


With the Christmas season ending, there are several new owners of iPhone 4S’s. While the phone is an improvement over its predecessor, theres’a good chance that each owner will need a new case. Otterbox recently redesigned its Reflex series to suit the iPhone 4S, but does it live up to standards?

For starters, trying to put an original Reflex case for the iPhone 4 on a 4S is a bad idea. The performance drops considerably. However, the redesigned Reflex is just as good as the original, if not better.

It has the same shock-absorption design that can take the punishment of most drops. It’s also incredibly light, so it isn’t a hindrance on your pocket, bag or belt. The case is tough, and can handle most drops on an everyday basis. I wouldn’t recumbent throwing against a brick wall, but standard drops on floors should be no problem.

The best addition to the case is a felt material on the inside of the case to keep the back of the iPhone from scratching. It’s a simple, but nice touch that helps keep the value of your phone up.

There is still no built in screen protector, and that’s probably the worst thing that can be said about this case. However, The case extends out over the screen, the iPhone is protected even if it’s dropped on its screen.

In short, the Reflex is a solid buy for iPhone 4S owners. It is available for any network, and Otterbox currently has buy one, get one half off sale. Getting two quality cases for around $50 is definitely worth it.