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Oscars Mexican Seafood opens in Hillcrest San Diego

Oscars Mexican Seafood
Oscars Mexican Seafood
Oscars Mexican Seafood

Oscars Mexican Seafood Hillcrest


For years connoisseur of the of the San Diego Food Truck scene have roamed over hill and dale to locate the flavors of the coastal communities of Baja California.

Those elusive food trucks inspired Juan Bernardo Montes De Oca to open the first Oscars Mexican Seafood Restaurant in Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Seeing these two first locations not only succeed but flourish he decided to add his third location in Hillcrest.

In an interview with Bernrdo Montes De Oca said "he wanted create a place where only quality ingredients are used and the patron would a have comfortable and pleasant environment in which to dine. He said there is a big difference eating great food in a parking lot or you can eat fantastic food in comfort."

The new Hillcrest location gives the guest the feeling they are eating just a few blocks from the ocean. The décor is complete with a re-purposed wood paneled bar with Edison light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. I have eaten at the Hillcrest location on three separate occasions. I give the staff and the food extremely high marks.

The food is also extremely inexpensive, you cannot go wrong. I strongly recommend the battered fish $1.99 or shrimp taco $2.99. The Torta De Oscar with smoked fish, shrimp, skirt steak, cabbage, onion, tomato, cilantro, avocado and cheese $10.00. Traditional Mexican ceviche made with fish or shrimp is $4.50, you can request a combination of both if you so desire.

“The Salad”, is made with sesame seed oil-ginger dressing, grilled fish or octopus it is also the house specialty, very unique in flavor and very delicious $10. The fish stew is perfect any time of year and especially on a cold winters day, the catch of the day varies but you can expect Mahi Mahi, seabass,ahi or yellow tail tuna $2 small or $8 large add a corn $1.50 or flour $2.00 quesadilla with avocado and you have a perfect meal.

A daily fish taco happy hour from 2:30pm to 5:30 pm are only $.99, the menu has something to offer for everyone and special request are always welcome.

Oscars also makes the best horchata and jamica I have ever tasted. It should also be noted that beer and wine will be added to the menu soon. Oscars Mexican Seafood also does catering, for more information please check their website. Oscars also receives the first five star rating I have ever given for concept,taste and customer service.

646 University Ave
San Diego CA 92103