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Oscar's Taco Shop: the review

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Oscar's Taco Shop


I am starting on a mission to sample every fast food restaurant down Mallory Lane, nearby the mall. For those of you locals, you know that this strip typifies the essence of suburban commercial sprawl. As everyone knows, we suburbanites love our fast food almost as much as we love watching AMC and discussing property values. And therefore, readers should be prepared that with special event distractions and my overall laziness, this series may not reach its conclusion util 2012.

Oscar's Taco Shop is a burgeoning business with six locations in the Nasvhille suburbs, particularly concentrated in Franklin. I visited the location closest to Centennial high school, which only opened a year and a half ago. Tucked away in a small business strip, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of space provided. Colorfully painted in a Mexican theme with appropriate accompanying music, I was the only customer in the store when I walked in.

I couldn't help being impressed by the pristine cleanliness. The store still retains the newly opened look and feel. Promises of a secret special sauce on the shrimp taco enticed me. These are not your Taco Bell tacos. You're looking at $2-3 minimum per shell, but the value is within reason. When I received my taco, I immediately had to throw out any notion of rolling up the shell. It was loaded to overflowing with shrimp, garnish, and of course special sauce, which did not disappoint. I predict further expansion.

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