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Oscar's pizza delivery guy didn't get tip while Ellen collects $300.

Ellen with Edgar, the pizza delivery guy from Big Mama's and Poppa's Pizzeria
Ellen with Edgar, the pizza delivery guy from Big Mama's and Poppa's Pizzeria

Oscar awards pizza delivery


The Oscar’s wrap up!

Now we know who’s not gluten free in Hollywood!

It wasn’t all about ‘the hair’ at these type events, although we noticed John Travolta’s has morphed to a darker ‘villain’ shade of brown and Kim Novak’s hair was the same as it appeared 50 years ago. I wouldn’t mind not being able to move most of my face if it could look like that at 81.

Best non paid for ad at the Oscars; Big Mamas and Poppa’s Pizzeria.

Up to that point, the nameless pizza delivery guy was shocked to be walking onstage with host Ellen DeGeneres to make the most star studded pizza delivery in the world.

Would he have been that cool on the stage if he realized a billion people would be watching his every move? I think so. A delivery’s a delivery as long as you get your tip.

Ellen collected about $300 for the tip but according to TMZ, Edgar, who delivered the pizzas, didn’t know she collected hundreds of bucks and where did it go?

With each of the nominated stars glomming on to a thank you basket worth about $80,000, you would think some could kick in a little more and give Edgar’s kids (If he has any) a leg up on college tuition.

When Edgar arrived back at Big Mama's & Papa's he had no idea Ellen passed Pharrell's hat around. Maybe he’ll be invited back next year to reprieve the non-speaking role that made him famous for 15 minutes.

It’s so refreshing to see that the big Hollywood stars eat pizza like the rest of us. They actually touch the slice next to the one they want and hold it in place to make a ‘clean tear’. Would you eat the slice that Julia Robert’s touched? I would put it up on Ebay.