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Orision: the Soul Eater

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Orision (comicbook)


Bradley Golden has chosen a very interesting way to produce, and distribute his comic, Orision. The 30-page B&W comic has been set up in 10-page segments that are each individually available for a mere $0.99 as a digital download from ComiXology, and ComicsFix download all three chapters for $1.99 or acquire the whole print comic as a Print on Demand (PoD) for $2.99. “My idea is to give the reader a choice. They can buy each chapter for at their own pace to get it all either as a PDF or in print.” It is through this kind of customized marketing that he can allow potential readers to sample the comic at a low buy-in before committing to a new, unknown title; a very smart marketing move on his part.

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As for the story itself, the tale begins with Millionaire Steven Gedian the head of an international medical technology company named Engen, sending an expedition up the deadly Shishapangma Mountain looking for a cure to his brain cancer.However, once on the mountain, the team winds up blowing the tomb to the Orision open releasing the legendary prag demo. Once loose the demon begins killing the crew forcing Steven Gedian to send in a rescue expedition to search for the original team. Once the rescue team lands on the scene they quickly realize things are not what they seem. Now the rescue team is in a fight for their lives to get off the mountain alive.

According to Golden, Orision is from Greek mythology and means “soul eater” and the image that he chose to depict this creature is truly something out of someone’s legendary nightmare — all teeth, claws and tentacles, and full of an unstoppable bezerker rage. While we don’t learn much about either the creature or the major players in this first trilogy of terror, Golden

Written by Bradley Golden and Nick Philpott, illustrated by Ugur Sertcelik, Matt Santorelli, and Lettered by Chris Allen with a Cover variant by Primal Makoto Studio, and published by Second Sight Studios. For their part, Golden and Philpott have crafted a very engaging tale, the storytelling and the way it unfolds gives each chapter a full (if only a section) of the on-going tale which continues to move forward, revealing only a portion of the over-all story. Each of the characters reacts in a perfectly plausible way, with the dialogue flowing organically out of the action as it occurs.

Not being satisfied with what he has already created, Golden has not only already scripted out the fourth chapter of the tale, but he is working on yet another comic that he will also deliver in the same way, via chapters on both ComiXology, and ComicsFix.


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