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Orion Project author says David Icke knows her alien visitors

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The Orion Project – Real? Or Imaginary?


In The Orion Project – Real? Or Imaginary? author Eva Draconis states that some of the aliens that have visited her are the same ones that David Icke claims he has had contact with too. These include a Draconian named Snake who brought along a Crocodile Man, a gargoyle and a white dragon, she says.

Icke is a writer and public speaker, who has been researching “who and what is really controlling the world” since 1990. His primary focus is on reptilian aliens (reptiles, reptoids or lizards). He has described these aliens as somewhat human and “walking on two legs.”

Although Draconis says they originally came from the Draco constellation, Icke says they now live “in tunnels and caverns inside the earth.” If this is true, it would seem that telepathy with people on the surface would be much easier than if the aliens were off in space somewhere. However, this would not account for the many other alien species she communicated with telepathically, who apparently reside on other planets and/or spacecraft.

In any case, Icke believes these aliens are the Anunnaki that Zecharia Sitchin wrote about in The Earth Chronicles. According to Sitchin, they came to earth posing as gods in order to mine gold – a necessary item to save the dying atmosphere on their own planet.

Icke states on his website that his contact with the aliens led him to become “a newspaper, radio and television journalist, a sports presenter with the BBC and a national spokesman for the British Green Party.” Those experiences, he adds, “helped me to realize what an irrelevance the mainstream media and politics are at informing the publish (about) what is really going on in the world.”

That “going on” involves the reptilians, whom he believes run our world on every influential level. To that end, Icke produced a DVD of Credo Mutwa called Reptilian Agenda. In a blog written by Linda Smith, she notes that Dr. Mutwa is “the keeper of the world’s history according to African folklore” and “has the most astonishing ancient knowledge that he decided against oath to share with the world.”

Smith believes Icke, who is a friend of hers, speaks the truth. Working from Sitchin’s hypothesis that aliens (giants called Nephilim) are referred to in Genesis as having mated with human females, she states:

“We have the Reptilian portion in the back of our brain – the R complex, which explains why we tend to have repetitive behavior.” This also accounts for the human propensity toward making war, she notes.

“Africa’s secret societies were very much aware of the existence of the reptilian races and that they have for eons controlled the world. The best way to protect evil information is to deny its existence – hence they are protected by ridicule… African folklore tells of beings from elsewhere that interbred with humans in order to create beings to be the kingship. Zulu actually means ‘interplanetary space,’ which is where Zulus believe they come from.”

She says these reptilians live in underground caverns in such places as Barotseland, northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and in southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Africans call them the Chitauri.

“They have slit pupils and their eyes shine like torches.” She described them as “about 11 feet tall,” with three or six “long” and “rubbery” fingers that look like claws. Overall, she says, they look like the “slimy cream colored creature” in Star Gate II.

“To the Chitauri, an eye is a powerful symbol – the all-seeing eye – as depicted on the U.S. dollar, which was put there by Roosevelt, who was apparently one of the Illuminati. The Chitauri and the Illuminati are apparently one and the same.”

Smith goes on to write that “their extended families” – persons of royalty, powerful political figures (Draconis wrote in her book that Hitler was controlled by the reptilians) and major business owners – are “the genetic offspring of these bloodline races.”

She notes that reptilians are parasitic creatures that take as much as they can get from humanity. Royal figures believe they have a “divine right to rule,” while all of them are “enormously wealthy but the man on the street is expected to give of his hard-earned wages to add to their opulence.”

“That is a reptilian trait. Reptilian beings are parasitic of nature. They also love pomp and ceremony, being lauded over and worshiped... Conflict and competition are reptilian traits, both producing the divide and rule, which is essential for the few to control the many.”

Smith says when the reptilian Chitauri first arrived on earth, they planned to “take control of humanity.” Now they know “an enormous amount about us and as indicated, they are sexually compatible with humanity. They feed off our energy, specifically the intense human emotions of fear and terror, hence the promotion of conflict and war.”

Will they try again to overtake humanity? Smith and Icke believe they already have. We just do not realize it.

David Icke has written about 20 books and spoken publicly about his beliefs in more than 50 countries.

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