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Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash review

Origins Checks and Balances
Origins Checks and Balances
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Origins Checks and Balances Foamy Cleanser


Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash has received thousands of positive reviews from customers on Origins, Amazon, and Macy's. Customers praise this all natural product for its miracle work on sensitive skin.

I wanted to love this product. I really did. But if I had to sum up my feelings in one word, it would be 'meh'. I give this daily cleanser three stars because it is average in every way. I wasn't disappointed enough to return the stuff, but I certainly won't purchase again. Here is why Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash seemed mediocre:

  • Cost: The price was around $20. It was slightly higher than drug store brands and slightly lower than the price of the average department store cleanser. Price was moderate.
  • Scent: The smell was tolerable. Many people say that they love the peppermint scent of this product. I find it overwhelming. I want to wash my face, not chew a piece of gum. If there is a fragrance, I prefer it to smell like a perfume. Granted, overly scented cleansers are drying. Just try Chanel's cleansers and you'll be begging for a fragrance-free formula. On one end of the spectrum, I hate the smell, but I can't hold it against them because the smell is from all natural products so it isn't drying.
  • Effectiveness: The reason I kept this product is simple. It works and its all natural. It removes all of your makeup and leaves your skin squeaky clean. It is not drying, but at the same time, its not moisturizing. Yet another 'meh'.

Because the product was reasonably priced and in no way adversely affected my skin, I'm keeping it. However, I am convinced there have to be better products out there.

Have you tried Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash? What did you think?