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Original Sin #1 review

Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

original sin #1


Original Sin #1 was published by Marvel on May 7, 2014. The story is written by Jason Aaron. The comic features art by Mike Deodato. The biggest mysteries in Marvel comic history right now are; who shot The Watcher, what is the original sin, and who holds the eye? We start this issue off with the Avengers gathering at The Watcher's moon base. They have gathered together to try and solve the murder of The Watcher. But they aren't the only ones gathering a team together. Black Panther is gather a team also. His team includes Ant Man, Emma Frost, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and Gamora.

There is a ton going on in this issue. We jump around from the Avengers contacting S.H.I.E.L.D, which still are together I'm guessing in this series unlike most the newer comics that follow the story line of Hydra talking over S.H.I.E.L.D. We jump the Black Panther's team that are splitting up and following lends to find the murder of The Watcher. Then we jump to Spider Man and The Thing fighting one of the Mindless Ones, who isn't so mindless anymore. The Mindless Ones are changing and are beginning to see sin. The one that Spider Man and The Things are battling starts saying things like he sees sin and they should have never went to the moon.

At the end of the issue to see some unkknown people standing around talking about the Mindless Ones, saying they can't control them any more. Then we see one of the unknown people holding The Eye. Are these's the people responsible for murdering The Watcher or could it be someone else? Guess we will just have to wait until part 2: Who Holds the Eye?

Have you read this issue of Original Sin? If so, what did you think about it? Do you have any ideas of who might be behind all this?