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Original 'Robocop' is still fun



In 1987, the original science-fiction film "Robocop" was released and became an enormous critical and cult success. Later this month, a remake is scheduled to hit theatres, and its producers have their work cut out for them if they expect to outdo the original.

In "Robocop," Alex Murphy (played by Peter Weller) is a cop assigned to a new department in Detroit, depicted as a deteriorating, crime-ridden disaster zone. Alex is shot down by corporate-financed criminals, and his body is made into a cyborg called Robocop. Although his movies are supposedly deleted from his brain, they begin to resurface. When he remembers the people who killed him, he vows revenge.

This is a very fun movie with a lot of violent action scenes. One of the most effective sequences in the film is when Robocop first goes out to fight crime. In mock super-hero fashion, he stops a criminal in a convenience store, and a little later, he save a woman from being raped. As the story progresses, however, he learns that Detroit's worst enemies may not be the street criminals. The city has much to fear from economic opportunists.

For a movie of the late-1980s, the special effects hold up well. There is a giant robot in the film called ED-209, which still looks impressive.

The performances are all very good. Peter Weller does an excellent job in the lead role. He shows that Robocop is a walking machine at first, but he becomes more human as his memories return. Another strong performance is by Nancy Allen, who plays Alex's partner. She is a good cop who respects him

"Robocop" is well-worth watching, especially before seeing the remake.