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Organizing from the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern

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Organizing from the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern


This 80 minute, year 2000, PBS movie can help preppers to get better organized. In the movie, Julie Morgenstern says that organizational expertise is a skill that can be learned. Since this skill is not taught in schools, not having this skill is understandable.

She also says that becoming organized is not an end in itself. Instead, becoming organized is a means to whatever goals a person wants to achieve. She says, for example, that being messy is all right, as long as it is easy to quickly find what is needed to reach a goal.

Although the information in this movie can be important information for the general public, it can be especially valuable to preppers. When it comes to space requirements, preppers face challenges that the general public does not have to face. Examples of these challenges can include finding space for the storing of prepper supplies such as water and food, as well as finding space for the special and redundant equipment that preppers acquire.

Julie Morgenstern gives dozens of tips on how to organize possessions. One of the advantages of good organization is that it can make additional space available.

Also, another advantage of good organizational skills is that they lead to less clutter, which leads to a less stressful frame of mind. A natural or man-made disaster will be stressful enough without adding to it the stress caused by clutter. Thus, organizational expertise can rightly be thought of as an important prepper skill.

As indicated before, yet another advantage of being well organized is being able to spend less time finding needed items. Some people are so disorganized that they often cannot find items as important as keys or medications when they need them. Finding survival equipment and supplies quickly during a crisis will be especially important for preppers.

Although Julie Morgenstern spends most of her time talking about better organization, she also talks about getting rid of some possessions. To this end, she sees the money made from garage sales as a motivator. If preppers, however, do not want to take the time and effort to hold garage sales, they could donate these items to charitable organizations.

Morgenstern’s lecture seems to be overly dramatic, and the audience seems to be too easily pleased. A better format for teaching this valuable information might be a group discussion.

What have you done to become more organized? What challenges did you face? Please comment below.