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Orange Leaf invades Florence with frozen fury

Orange Leaf


They call themselves “America's Frozen Yogurt” but Orange Leaf looks more like a retro space pod than the heartland. Designed with the idea of old fashioned ice cream parlors full of choices, Orange Leaf is the healthier way of enjoying a yummy dessert without the guilt. At least, it can be, depending on how many of the endless toppings you choose. Anything one's mind desires can be enjoyed, from berries to nuts to cereals and candies of all sorts. Although the Florence location that I had the great joy of visiting is the first in northern Kentucky, there are many Orange Leaf shops throughout Cincinnati, including in Anderson, Colerain, Kenwood, Harper's Point, Hyde Park, and downtown on Walnut Street. Another is opening on Glenway Avenue soon.

They call themselves “America's Frozen Yogurt” but Orange Leaf looks more like a retro space pod than the heartland...
They call themselves “America's Frozen Yogurt” but Orange Leaf looks more like a retro space pod than the heartland...
Jenna Louden

According the the Orange Leaf website, their mission is:

“To promote community and family by providing a great tasting sensible, frozen dessert made just for you, by you, in an environment that is as visually uplifting as it is welcoming.”

And, uplifting it is. From the bright green walls, funky orange and white furniture that is perfectly sized for little kids as well as adults, to the beautiful orange glass tiles, this place exudes happiness. A fun, lively atmosphere that was packed with people creating their own masterpieces and then devouring them, we found comfortable seating on funky retro orange stools and devoured ours. Kid's played. Mother's chatted. Another older lady relaxed on the cushy orange couch. The bathrooms were both private and very clean and the friendly staff was abundant. On the tiled wall is where you begin-- the yogurt dispensers. Simple steps are posted to guide you though the experience:

Step 1 of the Orange Leaf experience is to choose your favorite flavored frozen yogurt. Just about every flavor imaginable including both all the best classics as well as many fun new flavors like Green Apple, Honeydew, Pumpkin Pie, Wedding Cake, Brownie Batter, and Classic Tart are available. Another fun thing to try is to swirl them together!

Step 2 is all about the toppings. If you think you can handle it, fill your bowl with everything from Oreos, fruits, Graham crackers, Jelly Bellies, Sunflower seeds to marshmallows and granola. Don't forget to try one-- or all of the 7 different syrups!

Step 3 has two parts-- the weigh in and the feasting! One of the best things about Orange Leaf is that you control the price. Because it is priced per oz., you can decide how much or how little is right for your budget! When my daughter, her friend, and I all filled our bowls, the total was $16.71—not bad at all, considering the fantastic fun atmosphere and incredible quality of both the food as well as the shop. Don't forget to start earning rewards with the free Ounce Back card. A fresh experience for toddlers to teens, Orange Leaf is the choice for yummy summer treats and we will be back. Many times.

Orange Leaf is in 33 states and in Australia.