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'Open Minds' by Susan Kaye Quinn

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Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn


I was intrigued when I first read the synopsis of “Open Minds” by Susan Kaye Quinn but, as too often happens, there are too many books and not enough time so the book kept getting pushed back. The book finally made its way to the top of my “TBR”pile a couple weeks ago and I got to enter the world of “The Mindjack Trilogy.”

Kira Moore is beginning to think that she will forever be a zero. Kira lives in a world in which almost everyone can read the thoughts of others and as such society has become an open forum of shared thoughts and consciousness. Kira is one of the few who does not have this ability and is thus an outcast excluded from the shared thoughts of her peers. Even her would-be boyfriend, Raf, is beyond her reach as he is already ridiculed for being her friend. Some people gain their powers later in life but, at 16, it is beginning to look like Kira will never be more than a zero.

One day, Kira almost kills Raf by the sheer force of her thoughts and soon finds out that she does have a mind power. But this is a mind power that is different from what she knew existed, for Kira has the ability to jack into the minds of others and force them to act and think as she wants. As Kira learns more about her powers, she is exposed to a world secret organizations and government conspiracies that she could have never dreamed of. Now Kira must act to protect herself and those that she loves from the sinister forces that are working to control and manipulate the mind jackers.

“Open Minds” is a young adult novel and may be overlooked by some due to this but that is a shame as this is a very well written novel with an interesting premise that delivers on its potential. I found myself quickly drawn into the world of the novel and Quinn was able to draw the adventure throughout the entire novel to its conclusion. The characters were easy to understand and identify with which made the story all that more effective. I did not feel like I was reading about characters in a book but rather humans with unique personalities and identities. Even the age gap between the characters, who are teenagers, and myself were not a detriment to the story. The novel is strongly written and believable in spite of its fantastic elements and situations.

As the opening book of a series, “Open Minds” promises that the books to follow will be as compelling as the first. Quinn creates a world that is both believable and exciting so that the reader not only embarks on an adventure but comes to know characters that can be cared about. It is easy to not only come to care about the fate of Kira but to also hope that she will be able to figure out what is happening to her and her world and then emerge triumphant. “Open Minds” is a very strong young adult novel, and a strong science fiction novel in general, and I am sure to explore this world further in the future.

I would like to give a special thank you to NetGalley and All Night Reads for this review copy. “Open Minds” is available now.

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