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‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ if only there was more

Only Lovers Left Alive


How do vampires live for centuries? Who are the famous people they meet and what were their interactions with them? Do they devour them, or make them one of their kind? Adam, Tom Hiddleston, and Eve, Tilda Swinton, are husband and wife vampires, he lives in Detroit in a run- down mansion, on the outskirts of town, while she lives in Tangiers. He gets his blood supply by posing as a doctor, while she gets hers via Kit, John Hurt.

Tilda Swinton

The problem with this film is that lacks direction. Hiddleston’s character lies around at night, listening to vintage music, collecting priceless guitars, midst a strange set up, in which he plays music on albums, has a landline phone, and hooks up his television with his computer so that he can Skype with Eve. Ian, Anton Yelchin, his human lackey is a wannabe who gets valuable guitars for him.

At one point Kit, asks Eve why she and Adam live separate lives, and the next thing you know she is on a flight to be with him. Eve has psychometry which means she can tell about the origins of any object she touches. In addition she can read any book just by touch. Adam is a gifted musician and scientist. All of these things lend themselves to their ability to adapt and live in the shadows, yet they do not tell us more about who they are.

Ian’s character is one of the more interesting parts of the film, and every frame with him is ignited by his longing to be in Adam’s circle, and thus to be mysterious, and cool.

There are many unanswered questions in this film. Adam and Eve wear gloves wherever they go, yet the reason for this is never explained. Adam always has wads of money, yet, where does he get it all? When they drink blood their reaction is akin to being high. There is also the constant name dropping and belittling of great minds. (Such as Shakespeare). This device though becomes tiresome.

The film does have its lighter moments but they are few and far between. The issue is that it never seems to take off. We never get to the actual story, because in fact, there is none. Thus this is the epitome of style over story, frosting instead of cake.