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Online memorial honors dead loved ones

Elegant, clean layout and easy to navigate.
Elegant, clean layout and easy to navigate.
KickAss Sites: You Mattered/Rod W. Santiago online memorial


Paying respects to the dearly departed over the Internet can be hard to embrace by those who are very traditional. However, if people are sincere and sympathetic enough in doing that, then an online memorial should be nothing less than an acceptable gesture.

You Mattered online memorial.
KickAss Sites: You Mattered/Rod W. Santiago

Launched on February 11th, 'You Mattered' is an online memorial web site created by New York web developer Roderick Santiago. The new site lets user members create an online memorial, which honors memories of departed loved ones. That can be accomplished by adding biographies, photos and linking YouTube videos of them. In turn, recreating their life story.

The site boasts a modern and neat layout. Even more impressive is the site's interactivity. Thanks to its built-in timeline and interconnecting popular social media sites, members would be more inclined to interact across media platforms.

For site owner Santiago, the project is truly personal. It is an unequivocal dedication to his mother who passed away in 2007. In a written press release, Santiago expressed sentiments about his mother, I wanted to create an online memorial to tell her life story, but I couldn't find a memorial site that is modern and designed with less clutter.

Being a web developer, I decided to create Hopefully, it will help people cope with their loss, and preserve the memories of their loved ones, Santiago added.

The site offers two types of services: basic and premium online memorials.

  • Basic membership is completely free and will stay permanently online. This package offers enough allowable information that members can share about their beloved ones. Basic members are permitted to upload up to five photos, and posting tributes and prayers is free for up to 20 posts.
  • Premium membership can be renewed annually, yet there is an option to become a lifetime premium member by paying a one-time fee. The premium plan includes the basic service features plus extras. In the photo upload feature, premium members can upload 100 photos instead of five. When it comes to posting tributes and offering prayers, this package allows both without limits in how many times members can do so. In addition, premium service offers YouTube video and background music sharing, as well as a dedicated timeline, and a privacy setting. Also worth mentioning in selecting premium package is the capability of members to share stories and change the look of the memorial.

Both basic and premium memberships are free from advertisements.

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