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Online gift exchange for teachers

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Mr. Mailman delivered a surprise package to my classroom today! A brand new class-pack of Crayola markers! Guess what? I didn't order them, my art budget wasn't involved AND I didn't pay for them! So how did I get this awesome gift? is an online donor/gift exchange website full of generous Secret Santas. They match buyers and receivers according to their interests and your requests.

Beginning in 2009, this exchange program went from over 4,000 to approximately 45,000 participants while hoping to break their record in 2014.

Requesting is simple. Make an account with email and a password and click on the gift exchange tab. This step will take you to the exchange page where you will have the option to become an exchanger or a receiver of a variety of matches. If you go directly to "redditgifts for teachers 2014", it will take you to making a request for your supplies in your classroom or educational resources. A suggestion is to be detailed about your item and how you plan to use it to encourage student success. The next step? Sit back and wait for a match. There is no guarantee that you will get a match, however you know the saying, "You'll never know if you don't ask". If your request is granted, an email will come with a congratulations and mailing details. To complete your redditgifts experience the site encourages you to post a photograph of the gift and a public thank you in the gallery. From my experience, all transactions were kept anonymous.

As you participate, participants earn exchange credits. You will be given one credit at sign up and for each request made; you pay a credit. Once all steps are complete that credit is earned back. The system is set for those people who may tend to take advantage of the generosity of others multiple times in a row within the same year. The creators of redditgifts want to keep the exchange a fair playing field. More about the exchange credit can be found in the FAQ at

The program is free and they will not ask for a credit card like some websites at registration. All the transactions are secure and as confidential as you make it. I used my school email and address for my request deliveries.

Redditgifts is a online shopping spot as well with worldwide merchants and artists selling their goods. Now, it's your turn...what surprise package will be delivered? Comment below and share!