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Online Fitness Platform: Booya Fitness

Booya Fitness Online Platform


In 2013, there was an explosion of online fitness resources. Whether you are exercising with a trainer or sweating at home with a group fitness program, these workouts are able to provide convenience and efficiency as when you need it.

Cardio Workout
Booya Fitness

Booya Fitness recently launched its platform on January 1, 2014 with a variety of workouts in yoga, bootcamp, cardio (i.e. kickboxing) and strength/toning. Upon receiving a 1-year complimentary fitness enthusiast membership, I was able to experience their workout offerings. Here's a review of the ones I tried:

Cardio - Gritty Cardio Kickbox by Brittani Rettig: As a certified kickboxing instructor, I love this type of workout. Brit does a great job with teaching proper form and transitioning between choreography. You will sweat! The workout flows very well. In between kickboxing routines, there are high-intensity interval exercises including squat jumps and burpees. The last segment includes a core workout. Using my heart rate monitor (HRM), I burned 370 calories which fell into the suggested 350-400 calorie range noted. Brittani's "Grit by Brit" blog was noted as one of the top 60 fitness & wellness blogs by Greatist.

Cardio - Slim & Strong: Drills by Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp: Ariane Hundt is well-known instructor in the NYC boutique fitness scene. Her drills workout is a solid workout and don't be fooled -- it's tough. There are 5-5 minute rounds of 1 minute exercises with a 1-minute break in between each round. You will get a full body workout as well as a cardio workout because of the interval training format. Exercises include front lunges, side lunges, squat jumps, burpees, pushups, high knees and mountain climbers. I burned 390 calories during this workout.

Cardio - Shrink Session Mind & Body: Shrink Session by Erin Stutland is a cardio workout that infuses the power of positive thinking and mantras. The workout itself which is aerobic and dance based will make you break a sweat. Personally, I found the chanting of the mantras during the cardio workouts to be distracting because Erin ends up talking a lot. Upon looking at my HRM, I still burned 350 calories so it was definitely not a waste of my time!

Yoga - Warrior Fight Club by Amanda Rose Wellness: In this workout, Amanda combines basic yoga postures with a cardio infused boxing combination. For a yoga beginner, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the practice. Amanda is very articulate and her cueing is well-timed. I was able to follow along perfectly. The first part of the workout is a yoga flow and the second part consists of boxing intervals. I would suggest this workout for a recovery day because it is only 32 minutes and because with yoga at the beginning, your body will feel warm and loose. I burned 250 calories but my muscles were sore the next day.

Strength & Toning - Chaise Sculpt: Chaise Fitness is a popular fitness studio in Manhattan and now they are bringing their workout to anyone, anywhere! Chaise's workout is ballet/dance based and really focuses on strengthening and toning the entire body. The workout is tough and there is a lot of pulsing. I burned 250 calories during the workout. Don't be fooled: you will DEF feel the burn the next day.

Strength & Toning - Deck of Cards by As 1 Fitness: No lie, this is one of my most favorite workouts. I even have the deck of cards As 1 uses in this video. You don't need any equipment and you receive a total body sweat session in under 25 minutes. George and Mark are founders of As 1, a high-intensity boutique studio located at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. The deck of cards workout is one exercise per suit and each number signifies the repetitions. For example, if spades are squats, then ten of spades is equivalent to ten squats. Trust me it goes by super fast! I actually burned 300 calories during this workout, which in my opinion, is the most efficient workout.

If you sign-up with Booya Fitness, you have access to 1 free video daily. The free video is the featured video content. However, for $9.99 you have unlimited access to all the workouts. Stay tuned because additional offerings (Burlesque workout, Bollywood dance, and more yoga/barre varieties) will be available to members in just a couple months!

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