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One Spark 2014 review of The Show Must Burn On, Creator #20302

Fire Show


One Spark, the five-day event for Creators. From April 9 - 13, 2014, is about artists, entrepreneurs and innovators all striving to shine while the spotlight is on them and their creations. They try to get their ideas out there,hopefully to secure some funding to continue pursuing those dreams.

One Spark Creator #  20302
Laurie Creamer Photography
The Show Must Burn On
Laurie Creamer Photography

Last night marked the Opening of this years One Spark event and no creator shinned brighter than Molotov Cocktail Party in their performance of "The Show Must Burn On" Creator #20302.
This fire troupe, this family of performers took a story that's been told a hundred times over in various forms around the world and made it new, brought it to life with fire, love and passion. Those in the front rows could feel the heat of the flames but even those in the very back could feel the passion.

During this story time there were moms and dads with their children, some in strollers, some sitting on the ground or on mom's lap while the story was told, not from a book but with creativity, with expression, and the ancient art of fire performance. One child summed it up with "This is the coolest moment of my life!"

There will be additional shows 8:00 pm tonight, Friday and Saturday at 28 W Forsyth Street Jacksonville, FL 32202, the corner of Main and Forsyth.

Photographs in the sideshow are by Laurie Creamer Photography