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Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 8 came out May 30th and it is time for a review! First of all the graphical upgrades to this game are fantastic, going back and playing moo moo meadows on the Wii vs the Wii U you can instantly tell the difference. There are so many wonderful textures, even just in the dirt road, there is no denying the game looks great.
Next is the music, Nintendo has really been stepping up their music game lately with their delving into the world of orchestra, and Mario kart has been no exception. Now not every track has used orchestral music, but so many still have fun and catchy beats that will be stuck in your head for days, calling you back into the game for more.
Now for the most important part: gameplay. With many different ways to play (gamepad, wii mote, pro controller and even classic controller) you are not limited in the slightest in ways to play, if you want a more traditional approach you can use one of the conventional controllers, if you want to twist and turn with your controller; use your wii mote, or even the gamepad, which can be switched back and forth between the two styles. The new tracks make good and fun use of the new antigravity features of racing and the karts transfer between terrain styles seamlessly. It was always fun to ram into each others karts, but now actually serves a useful purpose in antigravity mode, giving the person bumping into you a nice little boost.
The game is pretty easy to unlock stuff in, all of the mystery characters can be found before even starting 150cc. Although it still entices you to keep racing for coins, the more coins you get determines what new karts and kart parts you unlock. While this game is fun in single player, multiplayer is really where it’s at (, you can even do grand prix in this mode, making unlocking and coin grabbing even more fun.
There has been some disappointment with the battle mode of multiplayer, seeing as how they have completely changed the way it is normally done. What they have now is simply several of the normal racetracks that players ride through in hopes of finding each other for a hit ( ). Some stages are better for this than others, but it is still simply not as good as it could be. Another thing that could have been better is the character selection, with five babies and seven koopalings, many are wondering where classic Nintendo characters like Diddy Kong, King Boo, Dry Bones and Birdo are. Really all these flaws can be corrected with some good old DLC.
All in all this game is an absolutely good time, if you have a Wii U this is a definite must buy, if not, you can find some really sweet Mario Kart bundles available No race is ever the same and is always better the more people you play with.