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One remote car accident changes everything in Collision



Lately all the rage in the film world comes in the form of the superhero genre with Jamie Alexander reprising her role as Sif in Thor: Dark World last year and Frank Grillo joining the cast of the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier later this year. Now these two are teaming up for a non-superhero thriller in the film Collision, but does it deliver the needed twists and turns to make this sort of film work?

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Collision follows a couple on their honeymoon in Morocco who set off on a day trip through the Sahara. When something goes terribly wrong, the couple find themselves stranded in the middle of the remote desert with no way home. Soon, lies and betrayals are revealed, and they discover that nothing happens by chance. This film wastes no time letting you in on the betrayal setting up some pretty predictable directions, but thanks to some great performances and the much needed twists it ends up managing to work. The visuals throughout the film adds to the tone of it all with the remote nature of them being stranded being a smart decision. When you are introduced to the various players in this mystery it opens up a wide variety of plots to work from and attempts to keep you guessing. While most of this is easy to figure out it still comes together nicely and makes for a good addition to the genre. There are numerous moments where the characters don’t react the way they should and it is off putting, but if you stick with it these moments become clearer and make complete sense.

Filled with great performances and a story that works good for what they are trying to accomplish this clichéd thriller manages to rise above most others of its kind in the straight to video market. If you are a fan of anyone involved then step on the gas and join the Collision.