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One Direction: Let them have their moment with Our Moment perfume

One Direction's Our Moment perfume


Teenage girls almost bust a blood vessel screaming when the boy band shows their faces. And from the cute commercial from One Direction for their Our Moment perfume, it's no secret why. Only guys with a sense of humor and naturally good looks can make girls go "awe" while throwing up everything from flower petals to smelling each other's feet.

This is the perfume display case for boy band One Direction's Our Moment perfume.
(Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

The top notes include pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants. The middle notes include fresh freesia, jasmine petals and frangipani. The bottom notes include creamy musk, sheer woods and white patchouli.

From the note description, some may think this is a loud mix of flowery and fruity. However, the scent is so light that I had to spray it a couple of times to really smell it. It smells a lot more like nature and "fresh" scents than a really girly perfume, which is kind of a relief considering so many perfumes either fit into one category or the other.

If you like perfume that doesn't walk into the room before you do, Our Moment is ideal. If you like perfume that someone can smell when they hug you or stand close to you, this might not be the best one. It's about equal to someone winking at you instead of verbally flirting. Enjoyable but playing it cool. You'll either end up spraying quite a bit on or observing someone get close enough to get a whiff.