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One Day

One Day movie


I saw this the first day it came out in theatres. Last Friday, here in Fresno, I believe. I just knew I'd love it, and I did!

Twenty years. Two people...

What a great STORY! I recently saw where someone on Facebook asked if there was a book you wished you'd written what would it be? Well, I guess I would say this one. It's the ultimate story of friendship and love and loss over a twenty year span... I thought it was amazing. And I spent about a third of it in a flood of tears, but the rest smiling and laughing. It was so very good.

And, my favorite line of the movie is in the preview:

"She made you decent... And, in return, you made her SO happy."

You possibly can't even begin to really appreciate that line until you watch the entire movie. Sigh...

So, this is an all time example of why I love stories, books, movies and even fabulous songs; some of which are in this movie.

I was also left wanting to go to Paris. Though, much of this is in England and other places, you do see some of Paris!

And, have I mentioned Anne Hathaway is amazing? Well, she is! In this too.

I highly recommend it, especially to the story-buffs. :)

~Fresno Books Examiner


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