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Once Upon A Time: Why I Love It

Only some of the amazing actors on the hit series Once Upon a Time
Only some of the amazing actors on the hit series Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time, there was this show, and while it was a completely out-of-this-world fairy tale, it was able to accurately depict single moms.

This is one of my favorite shows for many reasons. I could go on all day about the amazing cast of actors (some of which are just too incredibly attractive), the creative and talented writers, the creativity behind the entire show, etc., etc. I'm going to try my best to stay on topic, however.

This show doesn't have one single mom, but two. The character of Henry, played by talented young Jared Gilmore, finds himself having been given up for adoption. While this young man loves his adopted mother (who is single), he searches for, and finds, his birth mother (you guessed it; single). I love how the writers decided to incorporate single motherhood, not once but twice, into the show. The boy has two completely different mothers, but they share one common thing that makes them both love and hate each other; their love for their son.

Jennifer Morrison's character Emma Swan, finds herself single, pregnant and in jail at a young age. When the child is born, she places him for adoption as many young, single mothers do. Why? Because even in real life we are lead to believe that unless a child is raised under "normal" circumstances, it will grow up to be warped in some way. When Morrison's character meets Henry, there is an almost instinctive urge to love and protect him. She's not your typical mom, in fact she refers to him as "kid" most of the time, but love is love in real life and in fairy tales.

The role of Henry's adopted mother, Regina, is played by Lana Parrilla, who does a great job at being a villain and a mom. Her character, especially in the beginning, is just so filled with hate and evil you couldn't imagine her loving anyone, let alone a child who isn't "her's". But, as I said before, love is love in real life and fairy tales. She loves Henry and would do anything for him.She was able to adopt Henry even though she is a single mom because she has a good career and a balanced life.

Well done to the writers for creating this wonderfully unbalanced scenario! It shows exactly what society as a majority views as good and proper, or "normal". Of course a young single mother in a bad situation would give up her child. Of course a wealthy woman with everything but a husband is close enough to "normal" to adopt him. That's what society expects us to do in either scenario. In real life, we would call Parrilla's character "kind" for adopting poor Henry, and we would shake our heads shamefully at Morrison's. Bravo on showing that no matter what side of the tracks a single mom is from, she can love her child unconditionally! As a single mom, I seriously can not express enough appreciation for that.

My hat's off to the brilliant acting done by the aforementioned cast. Thank you for being part of a collaboration that tries to show society that single mothers can love their children and be good for them, regardless of her financial status, living situations, relationships with others, etc.

Spoilers ahead if you're behind on the show!

Now, what makes the men of this show so sexy, especially to single moms? For starters, Josh Dallas, who plays David/Charming, isn't the kind of guy I usually find myself attracted to, but he's fantastic. He plays a great hero. His character is loving and dedicated to his family and friends. When he found out his daughter had an illegitimate child, he didn't shame her, stop loving her, or refuse to be around his grandson. He could only sympathize with the situations surrounding her life, and try to be the best grandfather and father he could be. That's hot.

Colin O'Donogue plays Captain Hook. Wow. Seriously, this man even has a sexy name. He plays what is typically my favorite type, the anti-hero. He's a good man, who sometimes does bad things. Love is the only thing powerful enough to make him do something he doesn't want to do. His character falls in love with Emma Swan, a single mom. His character is easy on the eyes, yes, but deep down what is super sexy about his character, is that he loves her and her son. Her being a single mom with a kid was never an issue. He never asked his pirate friends what they thought. He never called his mom and asked her if she thought he was ready to date a woman with kids. He's a man, he does what he wants.

Robert Carlyle plays Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin, and he can make you love and hate his character all at once. The struggle between his dark side and his loving side is wonderfully painful to watch. You grow to love and sympathize with his character more and more with every episode. When his character found out he was Henry's other grandfather, you know what he eventually did? Died for him. Again, there was no shaming or hating, and his character is A VILLAIN. Really, people, get it together. If you're worse than a fairy tale villain...tsk tsk. Anyway, it's sexy. Bad guy or not, Rumple loves with all his little black heart.

So what do these three very different characters have in common that makes them so sexy? Dedication without judgment. Love is what I like to call it. Nothing is hotter than a man who loves. It doesn't matter if he's crazy, pure of heart, if its his child, your child, his wife, or your wife. A man looks good in love.

Congratulations to cast, crew and writers. I hope this show has a long, healthy life.

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