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On a higher level: Sol Republic Tracks Air

Sol Republic Tracks Air $199.99
Sol Republic Tracks Air $199.99
Kenneth Fish

Sol Republic Tracks Air


In the introductory article, it was suggested that the Sol Republic Tracks Air wireless headphones have raised the Bluetooth bar. Right out of the box, these headphones had a different air (pun not intended) about them. Once the Sound Engines were slipped onto the interchangeable headband, the fit and finish of this audio ensemble was the best I’ve seen, maybe ever, which let me know I was about to be checking out some seriously high quality goods.

In the past month, I have used these headphones five days per week for at least an hour per day and I have not once wished I was using some other device. Firstly, they are lightweight and comfortable. The headband provides enough tension to keep them in place even if you happen to be flailing about (AKA dancing) while vacuuming the living room and listening to the new Diplo album. Secondly, the two buttons and volume rocker are perfectly arranged so that there’s no interference between them or a chance of accidental button pushes.

Everything about the Tracks Air is right on the money. The sound from the A2 Sound Engines is just so crisp, clear, and well balanced that I often find myself hearing new sounds in songs I’ve listened to 100 times before. Whether listening to techno, folk, or Yuja Wang finessing the ivories, the soundscape created is so vast that it is easy to get lost in.

On the technical side of things, Sol Republic has sorted a number of issues that plague other headphones of this sort. Battery life is claimed to be 15 hours, but I have only charged these once since they arrived and the man that lives inside of them keeps tell me that there’s more than 5 hours of playtime left even though they’ve been used for approximately 20 hours. It must be said that battery performance like this is not likely typical and will fade over time, but for now, I am endlessly impressed. Also, if the batteries die, all you have to do is connect them via the included 3.5mm headphone cable and doing so does not negatively impact the sound quality. Nice!

The wireless range of these headphones is so impressive that on a number of occasions I have misplaced my phone while listening to music without ever losing my tunes. Only when two or three (wooden) walls get in the way does the connection get dicey. Lastly, as a telephony device, the Tracks Air is the best I’ve tested. Calls come through loud and clear and there’s no complaints of sounding like I am calling from the inside of an aquarium. Double nice!

For more information about or to get ahold of a pair of Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth wireless headphones, click here.

**Full disclosure: These headphones were provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be unsound.