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Olive Film's High School Confidential! is a campy rocking romp that must be seen

Mamie and Tony . . . not Tony and Maria!
Mamie and Tony . . . not Tony and Maria!Author's collection

High School Confidential! (Olive Films)


It's no longer confidential.
Olive Films is about to releases one of the wildest, rockinest, flipped-out flicks of the '50s, High School Confidential! (1958), on Blu-Ray and DVD. The flick may have been directed by Jack Arnold, the master behind the fright flicks Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Incredible Shrinking Man), but High School Confidential! is simple a hoot . . . one of the most memorable and iconic B-movies of all time and remains a campy cult classic with its exploitation essentials of bad girls, fast cars and raunchy rock 'n roll. Part crime story and part teenage delinquency drama, the film is an unforgettable piece of trashy film history that was awarded a Golden Raspberry Award as one of The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made.
Fanning the flames of Eisenhower America's growing paranoia High School Confidential! is the quintessential juvenile delinquency film that celebrates the very sex- drugs-and-rock 'n roll culture it pretends to condemn. Staring Russ Tamblyn as Tony Baker, the new kid at Santa Bellow High, whose cocky attitude and ambitious weed-dealing enable him to infiltrate the gang of a local narcotics boss played by Jackie Coogan. But High School Confidential! is much more than a hard-boiled crime picture. It's is a pop-culture touchstone, a Rebel Without a Cause without the angst, The Wild One, but even wilder.
High School Confidential! features the sexy and shapely Mamie Van Doren in her most outrageous role wrapped in tight sweaters that would make Ed Wood jealous. The opening sequence with a piano pounding performance of the theme song by Jerry Lee Lewis on a flatbed truck is one that still sizzles and shakes. High School Confidential! is the hippest, hottest thrill ride around–and these crazy cats and kittens must be seen to be believed!