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'Old Goats' livens up senior moments

Old Goats


"Old Goats", a new Indie Comedy about a few aging seniors, arrives this week on DVD, Vod or iTunes from Music Box Films. A sincere and irreverent picture that shows that three old geezers can still have a lively existence after retirement.

Available January 21 on DVD
Music Box Films

Though, their golden years may not be as bright at second glance. Britt (Britton Cosley) recently quit his job as a mechanic and now spend his days hiding away on his tiny houseboat or driving around Bob (Bob Burkholder) in his beat up pick-up.

Bob, the most outgoing of the group, still carouses around with the women he meets in his church choir. He whiles away the rest of the time by hanging out drinking coffee or writing a book based on his wild youth.

And finally, there is Dave (David VanderWal) to complete the trio. Forced out as a successful executive, hen-picked by his wife, he plays golf badly during the work week. Soon, he befriends these cantankerous coots (even though he says..."they would never travel in the same social circles") and finds something he never knew he needed to ease into another chapter of life.

Unlikely subject matter from first-time Writer/Director Taylor Guterson. Shot with a hand-held style (reminiscent of a Documentary) the film often focuses on long takes of weary faces staring back into the camera. Confronting the viewer with a wisened look that must have taken a lifetime to perfect. The three leads even lend their actual names to this movie characters' monikers greatly assisting in blurring the lines between faction and fiction.

Creating a portrait (hung in a wood-paneled den) of these grumpy geriatrics and their lives as all too real. But, at least manageable. In the end, it seems these "Old Goats" might actually have a golden future ahead in their senior years.


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