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Official review: Two Leaves tea company a jewel to be enjoyed

Two Leaves tea company


I am a tea lover, in fact I probably have more teas in my home than most local grocers and that is definitely not exaggerating. I have tried a great many teas from local stores to internet stores and even many premium teas including the world's hardest tea to get, the esteemed WuYi green tea from the royal provinces of China. Recently I found a tea company who I had never heard of, so of course I needed to try their teas. From looking at their website it seemed to me that they knew tea and knew it well.

Assorted teas from Two Leaves tea company
Assorted teas from Two Leaves tea companyAuthor Merlyn Seeley
An assortment of Two Leaves tea company teas
An assortment of Two Leaves tea company teasAuthor Merlyn Seeley

I seen many teas that had names that I had never even heard of before, but upon a more advanced research their teas contained names that can be traced way back to the traditional tea times of Asia. I was enthusiastic and decided to order some samples from the company that call themselves Two Leaves tea company. After a short wait period the samples came. I must tell you, they were generous and sent many different types of teas, including a very awesome selection of organic teas which are hard to find, although not as hard to find organic teas as it used to be.

First up I tried the Jasmine petal tea. Now I am a Jasmine drinker but this Jasmine tea from Two Leaves was a top notch premium tasting tea, I was impressed and I drink Jasmine tea daily. My teen daughter sampled with me, she chose to first sample a tea called Tamayokucha, it was outstanding. My daughter gave this description, “it tastes so traditional”. Now a girl raised on traditional teas knows her teas, so I tasted it and must agree totally. But the first thing about Two Leaves teas I noticed is that they use a triangle mesh pouch that is biodegradable.

Not only that, but there are no staples used to secure the tags to the string attached to the tea bag, making this tea bag 100% compostable, no doubt an important feature in today's world. We tried a few more such as organic chamomile, traditional black Assam tea, organic Gen Mai Cha, which is a green tea from deep in the traditional roots of the Japanese tea ceremony. Also we tasted a tea called organic African Sunset, which was a very deep red colored tea with some very high tasting notes of vanilla. My daughter loved that tea and when I tasted it, I again, can agree the tea was just right.

We tasted quite a bit of teas, as the sample pack was loaded, there was not a tea we did not like nor was there not a tea that did not impress me. I can say this for the Two Leaves tea company, they know their tea and you can believe that you will be getting a truly traditional and premium tea when you order from the company. For those of you that are big into non GMO and organic foods, Two Leaves tea company has a a lot of organic teas that are all non GMO.