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Official review: SO Delicious dairy free company limited holiday editions

SO Delicious dairy free holiday editions


I love coconut milk! In fact I love SO Delicious dairy free products so much that anytime the company launches a new product I am all over it. Recently, three holiday products from the company started showing up on grocery stores, so I had to try them all. Once the products arrived in the mail to me, the first thing I noticed was that the products had been packaged better, than anything I had ever seen. The products came in a Styrofoam cooler, packed in dry ice packs that are specially formulated NOT to freeze but to cool instead. The entire package was packed nicely in a very well labeled cardboard box.

SO Delicious holiday editions
Author Merlyn Seeley

Right off the bat you can tell that the company takes great pride in their products and for that I am grateful as a consumer, there is nothing worse than getting your order and it has been all busted up in transit. The three holiday products are quart size flavored coconut milk, three very popular flavors. One is Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk, another is Nog Coconut Milk (egg free), and the third is Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk. First up I tried the nog, as I am a fan of egg nog. This nog was not made with any dairy nor any eggs which makes it a very vegan style nog. The taste was extraordinary! I will give this product 5 stars.

Next up my teen daughter and I tried the Chocolate Mint Coconut Milk, again, we were blown away! The taste was just super yummy. I am not a big chocolate fan but I drank this flavor and wanted more. The mint was not overpowering and the coconut flavor was not even noticeable, it was mixed perfect in my opinion. This flavor deserves more than 5 stars, I think the exact words of my daughter were, “when I tasted that I had this vision of dancing with a big chocolate mint!” Third up we tried the Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk, SO Delicious really knows coconut milk is what I thought when I tasted this one.

Coming in at another 5 stars. SO Delicious holiday editions coconut milks hit a home run with my household and I am convinced they will with yours as well. Some highlights worth mentioning, SO Delicious products are third party non GMO verified, certified vegan and non dairy. There is nothing in their products that you should be worried about, no chemicals, no fake ingredients, just all real and all natural ingredients that they should be very proud of. The three holiday products listed here are all limited editions and will not be available for long so make sure you get you some as soon as you can.

If you are lactose intolerant their coconut milk products can be the prefect and complete replacement for all your dairy products. If I had to say one word about all three holiday editions from SO Delicious it would have to be “outstanding”. The company has shown that they know coconut milk and know how to deliver one stand up performance when it comes to dairy free flavored beverages. This holiday season will be more enjoyable if you are able to enjoy your favorite nog drink without the use of dairy or eggs, so take advantage of it.

My wife, who is a stickler for all things chocolate, says that the Chocolate Mint flavor is the best she has ever tasted. Some words that come to mind about their holiday coconut beverages are, smooth tasting, deep flavors, expertly mixed and rich tasting! Over all SO Delicious has earned a very strong standing 5 stars for this review and the heart of a new fan, if I say so myself.

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